February 27, 2019 2 min read

Clear the Mental Fog!

Picture this: the clock strikes 2:00 pm. You’re at the office, chugging your second (maybe third) cup of coffee and trying desperately to shake the foggy feeling in your brain, but the fatigue and lack of concentration persist.

Brain-fog, also known as clouding of consciousness, is a serious problem. Not only does feeling tired all-day suck, but it also can be a deterrent to your productivity and push your body toward quicker burnout. Along with your diet, exercise habits, and stress management, one of the main contributors to brain fog is a lack of good sleep.

“But I sleep 7-8 hours every night, just like they recommend!” You protest. The thing is, a good, healthy night’s sleep isn’t solely dependent on how MUCH you sleep. It’s equally important to make sure that your body and brain are getting qualitysleep, too. Quality > quantity, even in the mattress world.

Here are a couple of ways your mattress may be contributing to a cloudy brain:

  1. Your mattress isn’t supporting you. For example, memory foam may feel nice when sitting down, but, your body may actually prefer a firm mattress. There’s no feeling more disappointing than realizing that your new mattress isn’t cutting it, but when you purchase a Copper Element Mattress, you have 125 days to sleep on it and decide if it’s the best fit for you (and we really think it is, no matter your firm or soft preferences).
  2. Your bedding is a cesspool of allergens. Pause for a moment and think back on when you got your current mattress and/or pillow. Was it a year ago? Five, even ten? The average person sweats 26 gallons of water vapor every year. If you’re sleeping with someone, that’s 52 gallons a year. Not to mention the fact that dust mites use dead skin cells for home décor in bacteria infested mattresses and pillows. Grossed out yet? Us too- which is why we think our Copper Mattress is worth a try. “Clean sleep” is possible, thanks to the amplification of copper’s natural antimicrobial properties in our Copper Mattresses. Your body shouldn’t be working to fight off disease in your sleep- it should be resting, so that you can wake up in the morning fully rejuvenated.
  3. You might not have the right pillow. Waking up with a headache and feeling increasingly lethargic? Chances are you aren’t using the right pillow. Being tired and achy when that 2:00 pm lull at work hits is no fun, and the fix may be as simple as getting a new pillow.

Getting rid of a cloudy subconscious isn’t necessarily an easy task, but it can be as simple as changing your pillow or mattress. Clickhereto learn more about the amazing benefits of our Copper Mattresses!