July 06, 2018

It’s pretty easy to take a good night of rest for granted; especially with the “hustle & bustle” of our daily routines right? So, getting a great night of rest, when you have the chance, is always welcome. But are you setting yourself up for a great night of rest? According to a lot of research, you may not be.

Clean Sleeping; What is it?

The idea of “clean sleeping” has gained a lot of press over the last year or so due to celebrity endorsements like Gwyneth Paltrow. The general idea is simple; stress, anxiety and irritability that comes from our time awake may actually be robbing us of great rest while we sleep.

In Paltrow’s book Goop Clean Beauty she discusses a lot of great ideas for getting great sleep for 7-8 hours. There are many suggestions given both in the book and on Goop’s Blog (here), but the entire idea is that we should be very intentional about our sleep.

One of the “secrets” she discusses as a beauty secret is Copper Bedding, specifically a Copper Infused Pillowcase.

If you aren’t familiar with copper infused linens, don’t be misled to think that they are only available to big celebrities like Paltrow; far from it.

Why Copper For Clean Sleep?

Copper Sheet Benefits

Copper has been used for thousands of years for its antimicrobial properties but our “antibiotic age” has taken these natural abilities out of the spotlight. I will get into why the power of copper has become such a secret in a future post.

 For now, let’s take a look at what we know copper infused linens offer.


Protection - Copper is naturally antibacterial and since we know most infections are caused from bacteria on our skin (from the things we touch and rub against) copper bedding becomes a primary line of defense against bad bacteria on your skin. As a secondary benefit, it also stops new bacteria growth.

Cleanliness - Due to its antibacterial power, it also kills bacteria that cause odors. So your linens will stay fresh much longer!

Anti-Aging - When the skin is exposed to copper ions it increases the blood flow and natural processes that keep our skin healthy and youthful. Two byproducts of these processes are collagen production and elastin production. When we are young our skin is full of collagen and elastin (that gives us the “youthful” look) but as we age the amounts of collagen and elastin go down. Exposure to copper ions all night increases the production of collagen and elastin plus adds additional healing power to our skin.

Anti-Allergy - If you suffer from allergies, copper linens can be a benefit to you. We know that they kill off bacteria, but they are also anti-fungal and kill dust mites within hours. So many of the possible allergens you normally would expose yourself too for a long period are eliminated.

Planning Clean Sleep

Clean sleep is about more than just the sheets you choose for your bed. Here are some quick keys that you can focus on to embrace clean sleep and capture as much shut-eye as you can!


  1. Stay Away From Snacks At Night - You don’t have the embrace intermittent fasting or any other crazy diets, but you should stay away from loading up on a snack 3-4 hours prior to hitting the sack.
  2. Warm Feet Are Good For Sleep - Cold feet will disturb your sleep. Wear a pair of socks to bed to keep your feet from getting too cold.
  3. Plan Your Bed Time - All research tells us the same thing: A regular bedtime works for our bodies
  4. A Low-Tech Bedroom - We love to check our Instagram too, but electronics in the bedroom are a bad idea! Leave your phone and anything else that can disturb your sleep, in the other room for the night.
  5. Reduce Caffeine - This isn’t a news flash I am sure, but caffeine is a know sleep interrupter. If it doesn’t keep you up, it WILL affect your sleep cycles.


I hope this helps in some small ways so the quality of your rest goes up!




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