December 10, 2019 2 min read

There are 2 major nuggets of wisdom we want to share with you here.

First, #1...

Most people aren’t aware that one unsuspecting reason they continually suffer from chronic pain is because of their mattress!

We asked the majority of people that use our mattresses and found that most of them have been sleeping on a mattress that is at least 5 years old (and some have even been as old as 15 years old!)

Why does that matter? Because every single year, while we sleep, our bodies emit over 26 gallons of water vapor into our mattresses. Causing sagging, degradation and more!

This creates all kinds of bacterial and health issues. (Remember those blacklight tests you’ve seen on TV showing the bright glowing areas of bacteria on hotel mattresses? Yours at home is oftentimes MUCH worse!) Scary, right? Plus, an old, degrading, sagging mattress fails to support you correctly and can be secretly intensifying your pain and discomfort. Even if it still looks good on the outside!

That's why we designed The Element Copper Sleep System to prevent ALL of this NATURALLY for along as you own it! Copper kills bacteria, mold, mites, and packs a myriad of anti-aging benefits.

After all, you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping on your mattress, hoping to achieve optimum recovery and rejuvenation. Right?

Which leads us to #2...

Since you AREN'T actually recovering when you sleep on the wrong mattress, all the hard work (and money) you spend on Chiropractic care and pain relief treatments goes right out the window!

Your adjustments fail to hold or be as effective as they could be unless you have the right mattress that can help you speed healing and recovery by achieving a full night of deep, restorative sleep.

The Element Copper Mattress was strategically designed to help your body do just that. Deep rejuvenating sleep means achieving ALL sleep cycles (from REM to non-REM) undisturbed, multiple times, during the night. Element helps you accomplish this so you can recover, balance your hormone levels, and even help wash away Alzheimer's related plaque in your brain while you sleep.

Your Mattress Is One of the Most Important Personal Investments

We know price is always an issue for everyone that looks to buy a new mattress. So we did a quick analysis of what it costs patients to pay for pain care. Even with insurance coverage, a deductible or a large co-pay plus the cost of medications, massage or physical therapy… Pain Care can quickly add up to a deep hole in your wallet.

You can spend thousands in medical expenses on top of suffering too much lost time, not enjoying the things that matter most to you in life.

Like so many people who seek chiropractic wellness care, the last thing you want is to be stuck in one big expensive vicious cycle costing you more than just money.

Your Sleep Surface should be like an insurance policy against the pain that pays dividends towards a real quality of life.