March 04, 2019

Sex Is Better in Your Element

As a mattress company, we’re not ignorant of the fact that mattresses are used for more than just sleeping. Your bed should be supportive of allactivities, from slumbering, to pillow fights, to making sweet, sweet love with your partner (or partners).

There are quite a few factors to consider when choosing a mattress that will ensure great sleep andgreat sex, and what works for someone else may not apply to you, but whether you’re a sweet and simple kind of lover or you’re looking for more adventure, here are a couple of reasons why our Copper Mattress is a perfect fit for you:

  1. Bounciness

Sexually active folks know how important it is to be able to reposition yourselves easily and get a little wild without the comfortability of a sagging mattress. The hybrid foam in our mattresses provides the perfect amount of support for anyposition, sleeping or…otherwise.

  1. Naturally Cooling

Getting hot and heavy is one thing, but overheating is completely different! The technology in our Copper Mattresses is optimized to keep your body (and whoever else’s) cool even in the throes of passion. And, because we know that love and passion can get, erhm, sweaty, we’re proud to say that the natural properties in Copper are amplified throughout the mattress to make sure that you and your partner(s) don’t catch sniffles.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Did you know you can help create sustainable futures in more ways than one when you’re getting busy on an Element Mattress? That’s right! All our materials are made with Mother Nature in mind. At Element, we believe in protecting our future and we believe in transparency, which is why every single piece of an Element Mattress is sourced an manufactured in the USA. We choose our partners, materials, and manufacturers carefully- because you deserve to know what’s in your mattress and where it came from.

What matters to you matters to us; comfort, support, transparency, and sustainability, and we believe that your bed should be both a place of relaxation and a place where you can have fun.


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