June 13, 2018

A few weeks ago I recorded a short "off the cuff" video addressing a couple of recurring questions I have gotten over the last week. You can watch the video at the bottom of this post. Or click HERE

This morning I wanted to expand on a couple slivers of it.


A lot of mattress companies make a BIG DEAL about how long their warranty is.

15 YEARS!!!!!

25 YEARS!!!!

FOR LIFE!!!!!! 
Those all sound AWESOME! (and they make GREAT marketing tag lines!) But does the length of the warranty REALLY mean that the mattress was built to last that long? Or is it just a way to make people "feel" that way and give the appearance of quality? The truth is that it could be either of those! 
* Think about that for a minute
Here is a personal example of this in action........
My wife Michele and I, before we were in the mattress business, asked our chiropractor for a mattress recommendation. He didn't give us a specific brand, but we ended up with a mattress that gives you a "Rest Number". (names and slogans have been changed to protect the innocent) 
A short time down the road (24 months-ish), we were noticing that my side of the bed would deflate overnight. So we called the company and were told that the warranty only covered a certain % and that they had updated all the equipment so ours was no longer available!! $400 later we had our "warranty" parts. We weren't expecting a bill for a failure so soon after our purchase; after allit had a "multiple-decade" warranty (or so we had been sold). 
*Fact is…

 Warranties have become more about "getting you in the door", not protecting you against failure. Now, don't get me wrong... I do think that companies want to back up their products and their customers. It's just that, too often, when you read them they seem to offer more protection for the company than they do for the purchaser. 

*For Example..

Weight Limits

Yep, we have an obesity epidemic here in America. If you manufacture a mattress that should only be used by someone under 250 lbs (this is a common limit) then shouldn't you tell me in the advertising you barrage me with? 

Shouldn't the salesman in the store be up-front with me and tell me that it's designed for someone like that?

It isn't the weight limit I have an issue with, but the lack of disclosure when they try to sell the mattress to someone. 

*To Close This Out....

This post and our concerns as a company aren't about "calling someone out"...... It is about speaking some truth into a purchase process that is overly complicated, bloated with marketing jargon and intentionally confusing. 

Give us a call and let us show you a different way to sleep! 

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