August 14, 2018

Thoughts on how chiropractors and patients can engage more concerning sleep and the proper mattress. (in this case Element Mattress)

11 years ago, when my wife Michele was pregnant with our daughter, we asked our chiropractor for a recommendation on a mattress. He didn't give us anything specific but gave us some pointers on what to look for. (massive fail on his part, let me explain why)

He, like many docs, approached answering our question in a way that he felt would serve us but it didn't. Here's why:

- We were asking him because we trusted him
- We DID NOT want to deal with the retail nightmare of a furniture store
- We felt that he understood our bodies and what they needed more than anyone (even us)

So when he gave us a list of things to look for and sent us on our way we were disappointed. (not to mention we spent WAY too much money on a mattress that was supposed to be the best!)

For Docs: We know you care deeply about your patients! So, when we ask for a recommendation on a mattress, know that we (as patients) are asking because we trust you and genuinely want some help choosing!

For Patients: If you are looking for a specific recommendation and aren't getting one then dig deeper and at least try to get some help narrowing it down. It can save you thousands of dollars compared with trying to sort through all the various information you will find in retail stores.


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