June 06, 2018

There are well over 100,000 patients like you that visit our partner chiropractors every month. As you can imagine, there are many conversations about sleep and mattresses. So we get a lot of questions daily here at Element HQ.

I do my best to answer as many of them myself as I can because I want to understand the concerns of the patients being sent to us. And although the questions are often phrased different, the themes of them are very similar.

So I want to share two valuable takeaways that I hope will help in your pursuit of the right mattress and sleep system for you.

Takeaway #1: Most patients aren’t aware of it, but one of the common culprits for people who suffer from chronic pain is often their mattress!

Think about this for a quick minute……. Sleep is when we heal, but only when it is complete; each stage of sleep offers different benefits. So if you are uncomfortable and not moving through your sleep cycles properly then your body isn’t fixing itself.

 So Why is a mattress often a culprit? Here are a few reasons:

  • Too Firm - causes pressure points/tossing and turning all night
  • Too Soft - causes you to be “bent” in an unnatural way and doesn’t offer proper support
  • Motion Transfer - when your partner moves it wakes you (partially) interrupting the current sleep cycle
  • Allergens - fungi, bacteria, dust mites (and their feces)
  • Mattress Age - The older your mattress is, the more likely any/all of the above are true

We often as patients we work with how long they have had their current mattress and most of them have a mattress that is at least 5 years old (and many that are up to 15 years old!).

Why does that matter? Because every single year, while you sleep, your body emits over 26 gallons of water vapor into your mattress. Yes, you read that correctly!

This creates all kinds of bacterial and health issues because that level of moisture combined with an average temperature of 70 degrees is a perfect environment for many allergens.

We have various fungi, bacteria and other icky things growing on a microscopic level. Dust Mites are another concern. You may not have an allergy to Dust Mites themselves, but over time (as they eat the dead skin and dink the moisture) they defecate into your mattress.

Now, are you seeing the problem? (those tests you have seen on TV showing the bright glowing areas of bacteria on hotel mattresses?….. Yours at home is often times MUCH worse!)

This is why the Element Copper Mattress has been such a revolution in sleep surfaces. Our patented copper ion cover and copper infused latex naturally prevent the buildup of all the stuff I mentioned a minute ago.

The copper ions act like a microscopic missile defense system while you sleep, and it is all completely natural. So there are no harsh chemicals, pesticides or substances you can’t pronounce…….. Just the power of Mother Nature


Plus, older sagging mattresses fail to support you correctly and can add to your pain and discomfort.

After all, you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping on your mattress, hoping to achieve recovery and rejuvenation……….Which leads us to part two in the next blog post……


See you there! -Bruce


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