Arctic Cool® Chill Pad

Arctic Cool® can help with:

  • Night Sweats
  • Tossing & Turning (trying to find a cool spot)
  • Overheating
  • Deeper more restorative sleep

Arctic Cool® will:

  • Manage Moisture/Perspiration
  • Get Rid Of Excess Body Heat
  • Cool All Night Long
  • Work Year Round

A Real Innovation In Sleep Technology!

Finally!!!! A cooling product that actually works!

For the many who suffer from "excessive heat build-up" at night, restful sleep can be difficult to find. Arctic Cool® has an inherent ability to absorb excess heat, keeping you in your perfect temperature range all night. 

Arctic Cool® - Just Right

Most "cooling" products are loaded with chemicals. These treatments wear off in a short period of time and rarely work in the beginning. Arctic Cool® doesn't use added chemical "cooling" treatments; the yarns have an inherent ability to cool you. Their excellent ability to regulate temperature means they work all night long and since this cooling ability is not "added", it doesn't wear out! 

More Restful Sleep = Amazing Days!

Arctic Cool® is something special and it solves a REAL issue for millions of people.

We all know how important deep restful sleep is. Sleep is the time our body heals, our hormones balance and our body systems balance. Tossing and turning doesn't allow our bodies to reach the deep cycles of sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation "lowering skin temperature by one degree Celsius can reduce middle-of-the-night arousals and early morning waking." 


Test the Arctic Cool® Chill Pad for yourself and risk nothing! If, within the first 30 days after you order, you feel it doesn't give you cooler, more restful sleep return it to us and we will issue you a FULL REFUND! (We even provide you an addressed shipper!)

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