it all began in holland michigan

Our Story

Like many stories, ours began just trying to solve a problem of our own. Each of us had asked our Chiropractor "Doc, what mattress do you recommend?" Our hope was that we could avoid the "retail meat grinder" and purchase from someone we trusted.......... it didn't work out that way!

Our Chiropractors didn't have anything for us to purchase from them, they just gave us some general pointers on what to look for as we visited different stores. Well, needless to say, we had the same experience as everyone else; pushy salespeople, too many choices and falling in love with the super expensive stuff. After thousands of dollars and three new mattresses in 4 years we were at the end of our rope (and still weren't sleeping well!)

So, we set out to engineer a BETTER PRODUCT and a BETTER PROCESS for other people just like us. Element began with those humble ideals and has developed into the #1 source for patients nationwide that want a sleep surface that is WORTH OWNING. 

A mattress that does more than just lay there

The Element Classic was the first mattress, but the Element Copper has been the game changer for us and all the people sleeping on it. The Element Copper Mattress is the only mattress we know if that incorporates materials PROVEN TO ACTIVELY PROTECT YOU FROM VIRUSES, FUNGI, BACTERIA, MOLDS & DUST MITES. The Anti-Microbial copper in the patented yarn we use is constantly sending out ions that naturally destroy allergens that build up in mattresses and pillows. Best of all, this technology never wears off or wears out. The protection is there for the entire life of your mattress!

Why copper is so critical to great sleep

Learn Why Copper Helps You Sleep Better, Helps You Heal & Adds To Your Overall Health

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