Clean sleep

The use of medical-grade copper yarns in the cover eliminates allergen build-up. No more Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mold or Dust Mites causing allergy flare-ups while you sleep.  

Perfect temperature

Studies have shown that each person expires about 26 gallons of water vapor into our mattress & pillow EVERY YEAR. Our unique quilting and patented foams breathe, keeping you dry and cool all night long

The 1,2 Punch

With a 125 night risk-free trial and a 10 year FULL REPLACEMENT warranty you are completely covered. So rest your mind and body in the peace that comes from a great night of sleep; every night.

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"We absolutely LOVE our copper mattress! There are so many things we love. The temperature regulation (not hot or cold), the firmness is just right, and when one of us rolls over or might have a restless night, you can hardly feel any motion at all! I would highly recommend this mattress - their guarantee is real! Thanks Bruce!

Bobbi Bach - Nevada

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes the Element Copper Mattress Different?

The Element Copper is the only mattress in the world that offers a double-layer copper defense system. Our patented, medical-grade, copper infused yarns are the first layer of defense against allergen build-up. The second layer of defense is the top layer of copper infused, zoned, natural latex. These two layers continually work to eliminate allergens using the natural power of copper.

How Does Copper Eliminate Allergens? Is It Safe For Me?

Copper has been used for cleanliness for 4,500 years and has over 16,000 scientific studies focusing on its antimicrobial properties. It is even being used in medical establishments because of its ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses on contact. 

 Copper naturally eliminates allergen buildup through the release of ions. This maintains your mattress to be clean and eliminates odors that can build up over time.The patented copper yarns used in the Element Copper mattress will never wear out and will continue to offer health benefits for as long as you own the mattress.. 

The copper oxide used in our medical-grade yarns is completely harmless to humans and animals. Copper ions actually benefit skin health by eliminating transient bacteria and increasing collagen and elastin production. Copper is a key ingredient in many of the best selling over-the-counter wrinkle treatments. 

Are Allergens In My Mattress REALLY a Problem?

We will let you be the judge. Studies have shown that the average individual expels roughly 26 gallons if water vapor, annually, while sleeping. That water vapor makes its way through your mattress and pillows. When you combine moisture with an average temperature of around 70 degrees, it’s perfect for bacteria, fungi, viruses, mold and dust mites (they also eat the skin flakes you leave in your mattress). Now, think about how long you have had your mattress, and do the math…. it gets yucky pretty fast!

Should I Replace My Pillow?

The short answer is YES, but there are some caveats here… read on.If you love your pillow, we would recommend waiting until after you have had your new Element Copper Mattress a month or so. Simply put, this will give your body time to adjust to the new support system you are sleeping on. Often the replacement of the mattress can also improve potential pillow-related issues as well due to better alignment while you sleep. Using your current pillow will also give you a solid starting point to move from and a good idea of what “feelings” you want to correct.If you want to replace your pillows at the same time as the mattress, let us know. We have many pillows we recommend and they cover every price range and material.

the pursuit of sleep

Element Mattress sprouted from a genuine desire to get a great night of sleep. We know a mattress is part of it, but there are a lot of ingredients in crafting a restful night for yourself. Even though we manufacture an amazing mattress, there are many other factors that we all work through just like you; Stress, Aging, Electronics etc. 

We started this blog to pass along great information to help you find your blissful night in bed. 

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