Copper "Quad" Pillow

Have you ever felt like you needed a different pillow for each night of the week?



the Element Copper "Quad" Pillow.

Four different feels for ANY sleep position and ANY feel you are looking for. 

It's no fun when mornings are a pain in the neck... literally. Not to mention it's tough to get deep, rejuvenating sleep when it feels like you have a vice on your neck! How does the Copper "Quad" Pillow help?

No matter how you lay on it, or your sleep position, the Quad has a custom fit for your neck, cervical vertebrae, and your head.  This allows the muscles in your neck to fully relax all night long, allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready for life. 

the Copper "Quad" Pillow has a feel for any sleep position on any night. 

Side Sleeper ZonesBack Sleeper Zones

The Quad shares its DNA with the Element Copper Mattress. 

Built with Zoned Copper Infused Latex, Pressure relieving Serene® foam and ElementTech® foam, 


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