Element Copper® Mattress

The Most Advanced Copper Mattress & Sleep System Designed With Industry Leading Chiropractors, for Chiropractors and Their Patients

Dual Support System That Pleases Both Firm & Soft Lovers

Goldilocks may have “the ONE mattress” in fairy tales, but in real life, mattresses should be designed with real bodies; that are all unique. Our cutting-edge materials and special density layering process allow proper support and cradling for every natural curve of your body.

Regardless of your body type, you will love being “in your Element”.

Stay Cool & Never Wonder What’s Lurking Inside

Our proprietary copper infused cover design and technologically advanced foams allow free flowing air to whisk away heat. Add the anti-microbial power of copper and you have a clean, cool sleep surface FOREVER!

No Motion Transfer - The “MUTE" Matress

The Element Copper transfers zero motion from your partner to you. Our scientifically advanced materials isolate movement and prevent interruption in your sleep cycles. The “mute” qualities of our construction ensure that you sleep deeper and avoid interruption all night long.

Powered By Mother Nature

Doctor Designed & Recommended

100% American Made Materials

What Happens When Doctors Help Create The Most Comfortable, Pain-Relieving Mattress On The Planet?

The One-Of-A-Kind Element Copper

Designed, tested and used by the “people caring for people”. Labs are great for “testing” but real-world use is where the rubber meets the road. Designed by experts who understand alignment and healing; Element is truly an innovation in sleep technology.

Reap The Powerful Anti Aging Benefits of Copper

Copper is a key ingredient in collagen and elastin, meaning that it can help to add the elasticity and firmness back to skin that may need it. Copper ions also helps to repair sun damage in skin and add to a more “youthful” look overall.

Most Superior Mattress For Relieving Back Pain

Engineered in conjunction with leading chiropractic physicians to design the perfect mattress that provides maximum comfort & support, optimal recovery and the ability to hold chiropractic adjustments.

Adapts To Every Pressure Point, With Love

Memory foam is now obsolete. 3 advanced layers of the world’s best foam technology combine to relieve pressure points in the hips and back to support your spine perfectly. All night, every night.

Perfect Comfort For Every Way You Sleep

No Matter whether you’re a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper or all over the place sleeper…we’re here to support you in any position!

Recover From Life & Improve the Health of Your Brain

Deep rejuvenating sleep means achieving ALL sleep cycles (from REM to non-REM) undisturbed, multiple times, during the night. Our design helps you accomplish this so you can recover, balance your hormone levels, and even help wash away Alzheimer's related plaque in your brain while you sleep.

Optimize Your Body & Alleviate Pain

Cutting edge pressure relief combined with body-specific zoned support helps to maintain your adjustments.  Helping you to be your “best self” longer is how we help you to speed healing and maximize your investment in recovery. You could say “We’ve Got Your Back!”

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly & Responsible

Transparency in our supply line assures us that we have “clean” materials in our products; which is important to you. Manufacturing in the USA means that our neighbors and friends are the ones caring for the quality of your products. We import NOTHING! 

Fast, Free Delivery & “People-First” Service

Every Element Mattress ships FREE nationwide via FedEx. It arrives in an easy to handle box and is simple to open, position and begin using. If you have questions about set up, or anything else, just give us a call and talk to a real person for help.


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