Element Classic® Mattress

"We wanted to see if we could make the perfect bed. We analyzed, dissected,  and looked “under the hood” of all leading mattresses to see what they are  really made of. And you know what we found? ...Not a lot." 

"We wanted to see if we could make the perfect bed. We analyzed, dissected,  and looked “under the hood” of all leading mattresses to see what they are  really made of. And you know what we found? ...Not a lot." 

Designed With Industry Leading Chiropractors, For Chiropractors and Their Patients

Dual Support System (Firm & Soft)

Goldilocks may have “the ONE
mattress” in fairy tales, but in real life mattresses should be designed with real bodies; that are all unique. Our cutting-edge materials and special density layering process allow proper support and cradling for every natural curve of your body.
Regardless of your body type, you will love being “in your Element”.

Not Hot - Not Cold Just Right!

Our hand-sewn covers are made one-at-a-time, each time a mattress is ordered. Each cover is made using special process that allows maximum airflow all night while you sleep. Maximum airflow around your body and technologically advanced foams allow the Element Classic to regulate your temperature all night; for the perfect sleep temperature

No Motion Transfer - The “MUTE” Mattress

The Element Classic transfers zero motion from your partner to you. Our scientifically advanced materials isolate movement and prevent interruption in your sleep cycles. The “mute” qualities of our construction ensure that you sleep deeper and avoid interruption all night long.




Free Shipping & Returns

Doctor Recommended

100 Night Sleep Trial

A Few Scary Truths About The Mattress Industry

Memory Foam Is Old Technology!

It’s 50 years old (but still marketed as cutting edge?). This foam was developed by NASA in the early 70’s and is still being marketed as “The Next Generation” of bedding materials. It was cuttng edge for Marsha Brady, but it isn’t any longer.


Is there ANY industry with more “SALE” and “CLEARANCE” advertisements? It’s tiresome and pretty ridiculous when you factor in that EVERYONE SLEEPS! Makes you wonder why they work so hard to make you believe it’s such a great deal doesn’t it?

Made In The USA (or NOT)

Manufacturers can claim Made In The USA even though materials in your mattress were imported. Every piece of your Element is sourced right here in the USA. Nothing is imported from overseas.

You or Them, who is this about?!

50% off!, 25 year warranty!, No Payments for 90 Days!……… Are those a good deal? Who can say.., but one thing is certain: None of those offer help with your health, pain relief, quality sleep and the far-reaching benefits you can experience with the right sleep surface.

Why Patients LOVE The Element Classic

Recover From Life & Improve the Health of Your Brain

Deep rejuvenating sleep means achieving ALL sleep cycles (from REM to non-REM) undisturbed, multiple times, during the night. Our design helps you accomplish this so you can recover, balance your hormone levels, and even help wash away Alzheimer's related plaque in your brain while you sleep.

Optimize Your Body & Alleviate Pain

Cutting edge pressure relief combined with full-body support helps to maintain your adjustments. Helping you to be your “best self” longer is how we help you to speed healing and maximize your investment in recovery. You could say “We’ve Got Your Back!

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly & Responsible

Transparency in our supply line assures us that we have “clean” materials in our products; which is important to you. Manufacturing in the USA means that our neighbors and friends are the ones caring for the quality in your products. We import NOTHING!

Fast, Free Delivery & “People-First” Service

Every Element Mattress ships FREE nationwide via FedEx. It arrives in an easy to handle box and is simple to open, position and begin using. If you have questions about set up, or anything else, just give us a call and talk to a real person for help.


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