Therma-Tech Copper Pillow

Finally, there is a pillow that offers you the same protection as the Element Copper Mattress. It's active protection against the yucky stuff that builds up where you sleep! Combined with the Element Copper Mattress, or on its own, the copper-infusion is nature's defense against allergen buildup. 

While you sleep your body gives off roughly 26 gallons of water vapor in a year. Water vapor is one of the big reasons allergens build up in our mattresses and pillows. (we aren't even adding in the perspiration for you HOT sleepers)

The Therma-Tech Copper Pillow uses copper-infused yarns to kill fungi, mold, bacteria, viruses and even dust mites. The natural ions the copper gives off are naturally anti-viral, and anti-bacterial, using nothing more than the power of Mother Nature. Now when you lay your head down to sleep at night, you can rest assured that your pillow is clean, fresh and not exposing you to allergens all night long.

  • Copper Infused Cover
  • Removable & Washable Cover
  • 3 different Heights To Match Your Sleep Style
  • Available in Queen (standard) & King Sizes

The copper-infused fibers will not only protect you against allergens, but studies have also shown that copper ions increase collagen and elastin production in the skin. So, if you see a decrease in wrinkles, or a special new "glow", you can thank your new pillow! The antibacterial nature is also helpful for those with acne problems. 

Loft Guide:

  • Low - Stomach/Back Sleeper
  • Medium - Back/Side Sleeper
  • High - Side Sleeper

**Pillows will begin shipping on October 1st.**

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